"We used to call our baby the 'acupuncture baby' and were happy that he was not a 'IVF baby'."   Sara

Stories of Fertility

Jasmin (Low Ovarian Reserve, blocked and damaged tubes & endometriosis)

“ (Less than 5% chance - they told me donor egg was my only other option)

I would like to thank Chen for her treatment and (emotional) support throughout my time with her. Chen was recommended to me by two people on separate occasions. My life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and two big cysts in both ovaries (5 cm and 7 cm). After two operations I finally had some good news that my ovaries did not have to be removed, I thought my husband and I could finally start a family. However we soon learnt my chances were low (less than 5% chance). I had one blocked and one damaged Fallopian tube, an FSH score of 12 and an AMH of 2.4. This meant that I was not producing enough follicles for any eggs to be extracted, leading to my first failed IVF. I decided to start acupuncture with Chen. I saw immediate effects to my mind and body. I started having treatment once a week. Chen not only made me feel comfortable with the treatment but she shared many success stories with me giving me hope! Not to mention through her advice I was able to make changes to my lifestyle, diet, and types of vitamins I started taking. In just over two months we were able to conceive naturally.

I strongly believe that acupuncture played a major part in the success. Reduced stress and healthy body helped incredibly and Chen played a part in that. I will never forget your support Chen and will be using you again when we try for our second.

To clients reading this testimonial and going through fertility treatment - I felt like giving up on a number of occasions, there were a lot of set backs too, and it is the most stressful thing I have been through in my life. But I'm proof that with the right support and people around you (people like Chen, Councillors and family) you will get there. Be kind to yourself and give yourself breaks away from the world of fertility. 


Seema    (Poor ovarian reserve)

Chen is a wonderful acupuncture practitioner, very friendly and extremely experienced. I first came to see her for fertility acupuncture after me being diagnosed of very ‘Low Ovarian Reserve’ (AMH) of 1.93 pmol/L at the age of 35. I was told by doctor I had a very low chance of conceiving with IVF and was advised to go abroad for donor eggs. I was emotionally shut down and devastated with this news, then my husband suggested to try alternative therapy to try conceiving naturally and spoke to Chen. He was very convinced of me seeing her to start my treatment with Chen. On my 1st appointment I could barely talk as I was mentally drained and in tears but she made me feel at ease instantly.

I started regular acupuncture session and sometimes twice in a week and she focused on improving my egg quality. I found that after my couple of sessions my stress levels were improved, emotionally more stable (no tears) and could sleep at night. After 2 months of trying I was excited to discover that I was pregnant naturally. I’m still taking sessions with Chen to help me with my back problems, nausea and anxiety issues through my pregnancy. I have lost words as to how amazing she is and I can’t thank her enough to help me on this hard journey! 


Anita    (Poor ovarian reserve)

I was diagnosed with low AMH (2.6) in my 30s. As you can imagine my husband and I were devastated with the news. Two horrible failed IVF later (second IVF with no embryo) and approaching age 36 I knew my chances of ever conceiving were slim. After being told that my only real chance of having a baby was most likely with donor eggs we were ready to give up on the fertility journey altogether.  I had tried acupuncture before and wasn't open to alternative remedies but on one very low day I did a quick search online and emailed Chen. I was still quite closed minded but started seeing Chen twice a week.

I'm still in shock that after 3 months of acupuncture treatments I became pregnant naturally. This was the impossible dream and I can't thank Chen enough for helping us get here. Her treatment approach is honest and open but most importantly she was always confident that treatment would work even though I was really pessimistic throughout. For any of you who are down or ready to give up on your fertility journey, please give Chen a try. I'm so glad that I did.


Vanessa ( Low Ovarian Reserve)

Chen-hui is a wonderful, warm and highly skilled practitioner. I was first recommended to Chen-hui by a friend when I was pregnant with my first child as I was really suffering with hay fever and was reluctant to take anti-histamines. Acupuncture really helped relieve my symptoms and I can now say that over time, sustained treatments of acupuncture has virtually eradicated my hay fever symptoms altogether. I returned to Chen-hui before the birth for treatment and very pleased to have a relatively quick 6 hour labour from start to finish. 

Yet Chen-hui’s real expertise came to light when I saw her to help conceive our second child. She is truly a miracle worker with regards to fertility acupuncture – a real expert in her field. I gave birth to my first child at the age of 39 and always wanted a sibling for our daughter but due to various circumstances and a very demanding toddler, we didn’t start trying for another baby until I was 41.

However, after trying unsuccessfully for a few months I decided to try fertility acupuncture with Chen-hui. I knew that Chen-hui was highly knowledgeable with fertility acupuncture and also very successful in this area with her clients but I was now over 40 so time was against me. I had some regular tests with the doctor and was really disappointed to discover that the outlook for my fertility looked quite bleak - my FSH was 36 and AMH was 1--which basically meant I was post-menopausal, despite having regular periods.

Chen-hui continued to treat me but also suggested that my husband get checked over too but the results were not great for him also. He had a low sperm count and only 2 percent normal sperms combined with my extremely high FSH I started to look into IVF treatment whilst continuing my regular sessions with Chen-hui. I had a private consultation for IVF and was told that my follicle count was not great and that there would be a very slight chance of IVF being successful if we went down that route.

My husband then started having laser acupuncture treatment with Chen-hui to help with his sperm quality and he also started taking fertility supplements to enhance our chances. Imagine our surprise when we discovered just several months later that we had actually conceived naturally. My husband had only been receiving treatment for about 6 weeks when we discovered the fantastic news. Chen-hui is indeed a vastly knowledgeable and astutely skilled worker. Just months later after having the dreaded high FSH and extremely low AMH diagnosis we found out I was expecting!  I am now just over 6 months pregnant and enjoying the pregnancy – I will return to Chen-hui again soon to help with labour, as I did with my first pregnancy. Thank you so much Chen-hui – you have given us the most precious gift.


Sara (Severe endometriosis & blocked and damaged fallopian tubes)

" My husband and I have been together for over 10 years and we were starting to think that it wouldn't happen for us.  Having our baby seemed like a distant dream.  I had been diagnosed with severe endometriosis and one blocked tube, with the other being damaged but not fully functional for sure.  Our age didn't help either, as we were both in our late 30s.  This meant that we had a below 1% chance to conceive naturally.  Thus we underwent IVF, with only two good quality embryos, but even then implantation failed and IVF was unsuccessful.  I also had horrible period pains and migraines.  Also, I had a lot of shoulder pain and felt really tired and lethargic all the time.  It was then that I contacted Chen.  She started treating my body as a whole for the various complaints I had as well as focusing on fertility.  I put all my faith and commitment into it and was soon having 4 sessions a week.  Within 2 months I conceived naturally!  We used to call the baby our "acupuncture baby" and were happy it was not a "IVF baby".  I also felt much better in myself in general, less tired and more energetic.  I continued acupuncture during the whole pregnancy and my body coped really well.

 I strongly believe that acupuncture made a difference for us.  And I think that Chen is an excellent practitioner.  She is knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, kind, sympathetic, caring, and most importantly, fully committed to giving you the best possible treatment.  She works hard at tailoring the treatment for you in every single session and is genuinely interested in seeing improvement.  I strongly recommend Chen. "


Dr. Chauhan     (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome --PCOS)

I started treatment with Chen when I was 34yrs old. My husband and I both are medical doctors—we have very stressful and demanding jobs which did not make trying for a baby easy.

I found lovely Chen’s website online one day when trying to find alternative fertility treatment to complement my existing treatment with some evidence base recommended by NHS.

When I called Chen for the first time in July 2014 she instantly came across as someone warm, caring and genuinely interested in wanting to help you and she took a comprehensive history even though she was not going to not be in the country for a few months. She kindly told me she was going to be away for a few months but would be happy to try and fit me in once back or I could contact another practitioner she had recommended. But for some reason there was no other practitioner I called that gave the same confidence or feeling as Chen did.

So my fertility journey began nearly three years ago when my husband and I started to try for a baby naturally. Unfortunately after 2yrs there was no result. So we then went through the NHS route to get a full investigation as to a possible cause,  they found I had PCOS and was having anovulatory cycles. This basically meant I was not releasing an egg every month like I was supposed to.

We were then referred to the fertility centre where we started treatment with clomid but I was found to be clomid resistant. I was then started on Gonal F gonadotropin injections.  This was a very stressful time as sometimes the egg would grow and I would be triggered and sometimes it would not and they would have to adjust my dose accordingly. We went through 3 cycles that failed before I started my treatment with Chen in September 2014.

I went to Chen for two months while having the fertility treatment so cycle 5 out of maximum 6 allowed. We decided to go on a holiday in end of October when we felt like giving up and when stress was getting unbearable. When we came back beginning of November  I went to see Chen and explained I wasn’t feeling my normal self and period was overdue with my cycle. She instantly checked my pulse and casually said “I think you are pregnant”!!! I mean I hadn’t even had the courage to do a pregnancy test yet as I was scared I would get the usual empty face!!! When I got home I told my husband what Chen thought and we decided to do the test the next morning….and well all I can say is how quickly the smiley face appears on the test when it is positive!!! It was a very emotional time for us both and just couldn’t thank Chen enough for the gift she had given us !

I am writing this at 39+3 weeks, 35yrs old and am waiting for our long awaited bundle of Joy…tears flow when I think about what we have been through but we believe this could not have been possible without Chen. I continued with Chen to help me with my first trimester symptoms until I was 20 weeks and had all ok.

So Thank you Chen for being positive and having our best interests at heart, you have given us so much happiness!! We cannot wait for you to meet our little Bambino ;) !


Katy (Polycystic ovary syndrome)

Chen-Hui – Magical !
A Kind, caring ,supportive, and positive lady. After 2 weeks of seeing Chen-Hui I was pregnant!! After being told by my doctor that my chances of conceiving naturally were low.
I didn’t find the acupuncture painful at all. I took her advise about taking vitamins too which I think all helped towards me getting pregnant. I would recommend Chen-Hui to everybody.


Rachel (Poor ovarian reserve)

I first came to see Chen-Hui for fertility acupuncture, after being given a diagnosis of ‘poor ovarian reserve’ (AMH: 2.6 pmol/L, FSH: 18) at the age of 36. I was given a very low chance of conceiving even with the help of IVF, and was even advised to consider donor eggs. I was pretty devastated with this news and I wanted to do everything possible to try to increase my fertility naturally.

I started weekly sessions with Chen-Hui and she focused her efforts on improving my egg quality through acupuncture and using Chinese herbs. Chen-Hui is such a lovely, friendly person, and makes you instantly feel at ease. She really cares about her patients, and is more of a friend than a practitioner. The sessions were very relaxing and enjoyable and after just 2 months of trying I was thrilled to discover that I was pregnant naturally! I would 100% recommend Chen-Hui to anyone, as well as being a lovely, kind person, she is super-professional and extremely experienced, especially with fertility issues. Thank you a million Chen-Hui for working your magic !


Halina    (Polycystic ovary syndrome --PCOS)

Generally, both I and my partner are healthy (ish) and weighed in line with our heights. All fertility checks carried out suggested no issue until I was diagnosed with PCOS after a year of trying to conceive. My PCOS symptoms were mainly painful periods and facial hair. My period occurred every month (usually approximately 32 days apart). I suffered from at least 2 weekly damaging headaches.

Me and my partner were trying to conceive for less than 1.5 years and were starting to feel slightly anxious about the matter. I was referred to Chen by my father who Chen had helped regarding a certain health issue. I had been reading about acupuncture treatment and how it could aid in the area of fertility for approx a few months before this, as I wanted to be as natural as possible during the process of trying to conceive, without having to rely upon scientific treatment. IVF/IUI was only an option for us, to be considered when we really felt we needed too.

I am generally a sensitive individual, squeamish and hate needles. Chen’s treatments involved needles and laser acupuncture. She provided emotional support throughout and understood my sensitivity levels when inserting the needles into the relevant spots. My headaches went from 2-3 times a week to once a week and then no headaches at all. I felt calm and relaxed.

I had acupuncture treatments twice a week for four weeks and my period was late by a few days. I thought this was because I had been on vacation the month before and thought the temperature change/travel may have had an impact on my period dates etc. Chen only had the opportunity to treat me for one period cycle--- as in the Monday morning, I took a pregnancy test and viewed a big fat PREGNANT !!

Chen, thank you for your support, which I will never forget. I will recommend acupuncture to anyone whether it is for fertility, headaches, stress and to aid relaxation… DO IT!


Kiran    (Polycystic Ovary SyndromePCOS & Hypothyroidism)

I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism when I was 18 and was told that my chances of ever getting pregnant and having a successful pregnancy were slim!At the age of 25 I started trying for q baby and was still not pregnant after 2 years. I was then introduced to Chen about trying acupuncture and herb treatment. Chen was very understanding and explained how acupuncture could help me.

I felt a difference in my body within a few sessions. My regular horrible pain in the ovaries were gone. I started having regular periods (which never happened before) and no more severe period pain. I also found I had a lot more energy. Chen always asked me about how I felt during the sessions and also about the changes that were happening in my body.

After 4 months of treatment I was thrilled as I finally fell pregnant (I didn't believe it at first). I am now the proud mother of a healthy baby boy and am so grateful to have met Chen. I have been and will continue to recommend Chen to all myfriends and family as I would love for her to help make a difference in their lives as she did to me. "


Dr. Patel (Poor ovarian reserve)

" Chen is a wonderful warm acupuncture practitioner who cares about each individual patient. She tailors her therapy dependant on the patients need. I started out as a skeptic, being a doctor, didn't believe much in complementary therapies; but when faced with infertility I did a lot of research and found there was clinical evidence to support acupuncture as an adjunct to IVF/ICSI.

I was told that my Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) was undetectable and I would need doner eggs for IVF. I began my acupuncture treatments with Chen and very quickly found that my menstrual cycle improved. No longer was I having heavy bleeding or passing clots as I had done for many years. I found that Chen treated me holistically and my migraines improved as well as a huge reduction in my stress levels. During my second cycle of IVF I attended regular acupuncture sessions twice sometimes even three times a week and I truly believe that it helped with the number and quality of eggs. I went on to have three embryos. I also had acupuncture to help the embryo implant and I am currently pregnant. I was told that I would never get pregnant with my own eggs by a consultant in reproductive medicine but here I am with my miracle.

Thank you Chen for all your hard work and effort. I am no longer a skeptic and believe whole-heartedly that acupuncture works and Chen is a terrific acupuncture practitioner. I would highly recommend her. "


Jenny (Poor ovarian reserve)

" I first began seeing Chen-Hui in 2005 after a very dismal IVF attempt, ( I had previously conceived my first child by IVF some years earlier without too many difficulties). At 38 yrs old I knew it wouldn't be easy but I was surprised by how rapidly my fertility had declined. So much so that a doctor in Nottingham told me that he thought my only chance to conceive would be by donor eggs.
I am completely convinced that the acupuncture treatments I received made an enormous difference. Chen Hui explored every avenue , I was amazed by her determination and knowledge, her attention to detail is astonishing. Even when my FSH was 28,  she remained convinced that we could succeed. I continued with weekly acupuncture but felt that more was needed. So together we decided to really embrace fully Chinese medicine alternatives. At this point I underwent acupuncture 3 times a wk and took old style Chinese herbs, bearing in mind that at this point I had been written off by most fertility specialists.
In July 2006 my now 4 year old son was conceived. My FSH had dropped to 9 (it was 28) --doctors at the clinic I was now at in London said it was remarkable. 14 eggs were retrieved and 5 blastocyst embryos resulted. Chen-Hui was a crucial part of our success. I am forever grateful to her. "


Sarah (Low ovarian reserve & damaged fallopian tube)

I had almost given up trying for our second baby when I went to visit Chen Hui. In fact I didn’t go for infertility reasons, I went as I was having difficulty sleeping and Chen thought she may be able to help me. As Chen likes to treat the whole body to achieve balance she put needles throughout my body. There wasn’t a problem until she put needles into my groin area, it felt very strange and uncomfortable and I asked Chen to take them out. This prompted Chen to question this area of my body and we talked about my infertility. It took three years to get pregnant with my first child and she was conceived with the help of fertility drugs. My second daughter was now six and I had been trying for a second child since she was two. We had tried IVF unsuccessfully and had been told by the consultant that with my history coupled with a damaged tube and my age, it was unlikely for me to conceive naturally. Chen asked me several questions and was very keen to get the needles back in and get that area back into check. It felt very strange and I can only describe it as if life was being pumped into that area of my body. It was a very physical sensation. Chen felt that area of my body had been ‘dormant’.

I found out I was pregnant a month or so before my 40th birthday. I had been to Chen only a couple of times. My sleeping had improved and I had become pregnant! I have absolutely no doubt in my mind it was Chen that made it possible for me to get pregnant. I had tried for years with numerous fertility treatments and by this time age was not on my side, yet after this experience with Chen I got pregnant naturally. As I had pre-eclampsia very badly with my first daughter I continued to see Chen throughout my pregnancy. Chen explained that acupuncture during pregnancy (especially the first three months) is very beneficial. My blood pressure remained healthy and I had a beautiful baby girl a week early with no medical intervention.

Not only would I recommend Chen for her amazing skills as an acupuncturist but also for her understanding and her calm and kind manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chen. I have used Chen again since (not for infertility!) and will continue to go and see her should the need arise. It is great to know she is there! She is a wonderful Practitioner and I am extremely grateful to her. "


Julie (Low ovarian reserve)

" I was 40 when I contacted Chen–Hui. I had my first child naturally aged 36 after 3 miscarriages. We started trying ever for a second when she was 5 months old but eventually found that my husband’s sperm had deteriorated badly so when I was 38 we started to have IVF/ICSI at The Park Hospital. I responded ‘perfectly’ the first cycle – 15 usable eggs, 9 good embryos – but no pregnancy. Over the next 2 years I had 6 more cycles (mostly fresh, a couple frozen) and the results steadily declined. I still had plenty of eggs but the quality was poorer and poorer (the lab said they were ‘sticky’ and that apparently wasn’t good!) and on the 7th cycle I only had 2 embryos to put back. After the 7th cycle I told myself (or rather my husband told me !) to give up, however at the same time as the 7th failure my mother died and my father became ill and I didn’t have a chance to ‘grieve’ for the lost of a second child and to really come to terms with it and to really accept the decision. A couple of months later I decided to try Chinese medicine having read about it on a fertility forum. (I had tried a ‘western’ acupuncturist in an earlier cycle but she had never seemed to be treating me for fertility, she just kept talking about relaxation and well-being - and the cycle I had with her was one of my worst as the follicles developed erratically) I found Chen-Hui via the RCHM and rang her as she was relatively local to me; but this time I was looking for somebody who definitely seemed to know about treating fertility specifically not just my overall well-being and from the way she spoke I felt immediately confident that she was suitably qualified.

For 3 months I visited her regularly and took various medicines that she prescribed (it hurt and they tasted horrible but it helped that she was a kind and friendly person who was easy to talk to !!!). I then did an 8th cycle at the Park. This time I had my best ever response (despite being nearly 41!) with 11 good embryos, 3 were transferred and 8 were good enough to freeze.

And I got pregnant with a beautiful girl who is an amazing funny special child who was worth the wait ( and all the money and pain and tears!)

I am not particularly ‘into’ alternative medicine – I had just tried everything else and didn’t want to accept ‘failure’ without knowing that I had tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, so that when I looked back I would know that it just wasn’t meant to be and there would be no sense of ‘if only I’d tried a bit harder/longer/something else’. I firmly believe that there was some in-balance in my body that meant that whilst it was working on one level and COULD carry a child and could produce good eggs, it just wasn’t easy for an embryo to implant and Chen-Hui sorted that out. It’s worth mentioning that before her treatment my cycle had always been erratic – between 30 – 45 days and I’d tended not to have PMS type symptoms. Since treatment it is like clockwork, 28 days – and plenty of hormonal mood swing type symptoms! (Maybe I should go back and ask to have that bit ‘turned off!)

I have recommended various friends and colleagues to Chen –Hui with fantastic results.

I feel I will owe her a debt for life… "


Dr Cobourne (Chromosomal abnomalities)

" I started my consultations with Chen-Hui in April 2009. Prior to this we had suffered ‘Secondary Infertility’, whereby we had 1 beautiful little girl, but were struggling to add to our family. We had had 4 first trimester miscarriages in the preceding 18 months. I had been seen both by the NHS and privately for tests and consultations, but the test results did not elucidate any cause at this stage. It seemed likely that my age (40) was the likely cause of the miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities. We had conceived naturally, but decided to try IVF. This was why we initially decided to consult Chen-Hui, as I had read that acupuncture could improve success rates with IVF. I had only left about 1 month before IVF, which, in retrospect was too little time to expect major changes. The IVF attempt failed, although we did harvest 15 eggs and did have 2 good embryos replaced. I had however noticed by this stage that I was less stressed despite IVF, my body felt warmer and the pressure I felt at periods was reduced. We continued with acupuncture and also had a second line of tests done privately at the IVF Clinic.

One cycle after IVF I was nearing my period date and Chen-Hui was checking my pulse for improvement after our session. She said to me: “I don’t want to get your hopes up, but you’re either stressed or just pregnant”. It was too early to test conventionally, but a few days later we got our positive test result ! Acupuncture has helped me to I conceive naturally without IVF !!

I phoned the clinic the same day and found my test results were just back from the USA and I had a problem with Natural Killer Cells. I started on a course of medications for the first 12 weeks.

Chen-Hui saw me either once or twice weekly for 5 months and always offered an extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate service. I always felt I could trust her implicitly and felt comfortable talking with her at all times. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone considering acupuncture to consult Chen-Hui.

I am now 20 weeks, and although still nervous, we are extremely happy and grateful. Thanks Chen-Hui!"


Noreen (Unexplained Infertility)

" Chen was recommended to me by a family friend and starting treatment with her has probably been one of the best decisions i made. Hubby and I had been trying to conceive for the past 6 years but with no success. After 3 years we were advised to seek medical advice - but were given no major cause for our problem aside from hubby having slight low sperm count and motility. We started treatments with IUIs but all 3 attempts failed. We were then moved onto IVF - we managed to get a really good response with the fresh cycle 11 eggs collected and 8 fertilised at a decent grade. Our first fresh IVF cycle where 1 embryo was transferred failed. So did our second frozen embryo cycle where 2 embryos transferred. To be honest at this point I had very little if no hope of falling pregnant naturally or by treatment but I carried on planning treatments and trying as it gave me something to do and it was one way I felt I had control over the situation. Then something amazing happened in dec 2012 I fell pregnant naturally but unfortunately miscarried at 7 weeks.  I started treatment with Chen in March 2013 and used to go for weekly sessions. I can't praise Chen enough. She is an amazing person, really friendly, caring, takes a personal interest in your problems and circumstances and is very professional. She's a great listener too. If I'm to be honest I didn't start acupuncture with the belief that it would help me fall pregnant, I didn't really think anything of it apart from something else I was doing to help me, something else I could control.

Acupuncture helped me in a lot of ways. I used to have terrible mood swings that could go on for days and not only at my period time because of my situation and with acupuncture both hubby and I noticed that I started to have more good days than bad. My mood swings became more stable. Whereas the start of my period used to be quite painful in the first 1-2 days and I had to rely on painkillers that also decreased. We attempted our next frozen cycle in July 2012 and hooray finally had success. I was pregnant ! Chen was as excited as I was and would check up on each and every small aspect which again shows her amazing nature. I am a big believer in God and fate and timing but I truly believe Chen and her acupuncture treatment also had a big effect in my success. Thank you Chen for being so amazing!

 At the point of writing this I am 37 weeks pregnant and now visiting Chen for treatment to help me with labour. If your deciding to start treatment with Chen then please don't think twice. Mine is only one success story out of many! "


Kam (Blocked fallopian tube)

" I first heard about Chen-hui in 2006 from a friend at work who had gone through IVF herself. I had previously conceived naturally and miscarried at the early stages of pregnancy. As I had problems conceiving naturally, I underwent a laparoscopy which highlighted the fact that I had a blocked fallopian tube. This meant I could get pregnant naturally but it would take longer so I opted for IVF. I had already undergone a fresh and frozen cycle of IVF with no success and then I decided to go for a fresh cycle but this time with acupuncture. Chen-hui deduced that the left side of my body was weak (the same side as my blocked tube). I saw Chen-hui once a week until my embryo transfer. Two embryos were transferred and fortunately one survived! I am truly blessed to say that I became a mother to my gorgeous son who is now 4 years old. Chen-hui was professional, caring, supportive and attentive. I truly believe I wouldn’t have had my son without her help. Chen-hui‘s treatment also cured my many years of severe painful periods, since 2006 I have not had any blood clots or painful periods. At the same time my husband had lost a small patch of hair about the size of a 1 penny piece which was quite prominent as it was right at the front of his head, Chen-hui treated him and his hair grew back.

Since the birth of my son (which was very difficult – I almost didn’t make it) I couldn’t face going through it all again. It was only when my son started asking for a sibling that I tried to conceive naturally but to no avail so I resorted to my fourth cycle of IVF (frozen cycle) . This time I couldn’t fit in any acupuncture and unfortunately the IVF was unsuccessful.
In June 2011 I decided to use my final frozen embryo, this time I wasn’t going to take any drugs and have the embryo transferred in line with my natural cycle using acupuncture. During my sessions Chen-hui treated my carpal tunnel (suffered with it since the birth of my son) with success! Chen-hui asked me to have acupuncture after embryo transfer (I hadn’t done this previously) to increase my chances of conceiving. In July I was told I was pregnant! When my blood hormone level came back it was higher than my previous pregnancy at the same stage, 56 previously compared with 86 now. This was my last embryo and my last chance of giving my son a sibling. I’ve had 5 IVF procedures and out of these, the 2 procedures that I had with acupuncture have been successful. I have the utmost confidence in Chen-hui and I am really grateful to her. I believe I wouldn’t have got pregnant without her help. I am still undergoing acupuncture in the hope that I will have a better birth!

I have also recommended Chen-hui to a friend at work who underwent IVF with acupuncture and now has twins !

I would say to anyone who is sceptical give it a go! I’m glad I did and now my life is much better for it! I am so glad that my friend Julie brought Chen-hui in to my life. Thanks again Chen-hui! "


Sally (Unexplained Infertility)

" Chen-hui is a successful acupuncture specialist in infertility. After 5 years of "unexplained infertility" I was in despair,  she was recommended to me by a colleague who had successfully got pregnant following her acupuncture treatment with Chen-hui. In fact I later found out several collegures had got pregnant with Chen-hui following their acupuncture sessions with her after years of infertility .
I had a series of  weekly acupuncture sessions in the lead up to both my IUI treatment and IVF treatments. I have had  5 unscucessful IUI treatments and one successful IUI and IVF treatment -  the only two times I used acupuncture in the weeks before treatment I became pregnant both times. My successful IVF pregnancy produced twins - a boy and a girl. I am convinced that it was because Chen-hui balanced my body using acupuncture. To be honest, I was initially a bit sceptical about using acupuncture to help my infertility but had got to the stage where I was willing to try anything to help! Hearing my colleagues talk about their treatments with Chen-hui and their consequent children gave me the impetus to try it.  .After treatments over a period of a few weeks I began felt calm, energised and more controlled, even emotionally positive about the fertility treatment I was about to have.

I would whole heartedly recomend Chen-hui for acupuncture treatment to anyone with fertility problems without any hesitation. She is the utimate professional but is calm, friendly and a good listener at the same time. I am a convert to acupuncture - I even wanted her to sort out my husbands snoring but the coward wouldn't go! "