"Chen-Hui always offered an extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate service."   Dr. Cobourne



" I have known Chen-Hui since 2009 when she started my acupuncture treatment. She is a very kind, friendly and helpful person and always willing to try new treatments. In June 2008, I was admitted to hospital with TB Meningitis and I was in hospital for nine months. I was extremely weak when I came home from hospital in March 2009. My meningitis had caused severe damage to my nerves resulting in very little movement in my hands and legs. I also used to get a lot of cramps and pain in my legs and back. Doctors have given up any treatments for my conditions, they can't offer any help. Having met Chen-Hui, I started my acupuncture treatment which is still continuing. My hands have regained complete movement and my legs are showing a good degree of improvement. I have also regained my appetite and weight. I do not have any leg pain or cramps and my back is getting better day by day. I would recommend Chen and her acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal medicines to everyone. Chen-Hui has help my wife with different health problems and we  have recommended various friends and family to Chen-Hui with brilliant results. Its worth it. Thank you Chen-Hui. "         Nitin



Are you a fibromyalgia sufferer ? I could not walk around my own house because the immense pain I was experiencing. I was treated by Chen-Hui Chiu, who is very well-qualified, professional and understanding. I felt completely comfortable with her. I must admit that I was very sceptical about acupuncture as a treatment, however, I now have a new lease of life ! I have my life back again ! It's a wonderful feeling.
I highly recommend Chen-Hui Chiu's acupuncture aided by laser treatment. She is one of the few practitioners to use this effective method and I urge fibromyalgia sufferers to seek her advice.”           Judy


Lupus erythematosus

I developed Lupus after having my son and had considerable pain and ill health.  Chen-Hui gave me an intensive course over a period of 1 year to both help me overcome the acute phase and maintain good health. I have stopped taking my steroids medication and have been keeping very well. I have regular checks for my Lupus  and  still doing very well without my medication. Chen-Hui is very considerate and patient focussed and supported me through a very difficult time.
I have found the treatment most effective and would highly recommend Chen-Hui’s services to you in fact since my treatment my son, husband and numerous friend have been successfully treated for various symptoms and ailments.”           Jyoti


Period Pain

"Miracle by Chen—My 17 year old daughter had excruciating periods, so bad that I would have to collect her from school and she would spend 2 days in bed writhing in agony. As her A levels approached I got more and more panicked by how she would be able to study with such pain. The doctors were useless, they suggested she went on birth control or put a coil in! I found Chen on the internet and read reviews like this one and wondered if they could be true. After 5 sessions with Chen (we went twice a week) the pain had completely gone, she didn't even notice her period had started. This is nothing short of a miracle, Chen guided us so beautifully and and my daughter took herbs too.  Chen is a world class acupuncturist here in Leicester and we are very lucky to have her !      Emily


Depression & Anxiety

I have been going to Chen-hui for a few months now. Before my first appointment with Chen-Hui I was a mess. I spent most evenings crying and whilst at work trying to fight back the tears. I was severely depressed and barely wanted to live. I was in in a constant cycle of over analysing everything and getting upset then worrying about people seeing me sad. I barely slept more than a couple of hours which made me feel worse. I constantly felt lethargic and had little energy to do anything. Since my first appointment I don't cry anymore and get upset about everything. In fact I never cry now. I don't spend my life worrying and analysing everything. I now sleep great and have energy to do things in my life. I feel so happy with life, it's like the old me is back like getting the giggles again like I did when I was young! People who didn't know me before I met Chen-Hui comment on how happy I always am and what fun I am to be around. Those who have known me for a while comment on my change.

I cannot say enough great things about Chen-Hui I am so glad I have found her and have her in my life. She is such a kind caring person and puts so much effort into helping people feel better. I feel as though I am going to see a friend when I have an appointment and really enjoy our chats. I cannot recommend her enough and appreciate greatly the effect she has had on my life and well-being.”           Anna


Amenorrhea (no period)

"Following weight loss and coming off the pill I suffered from amenorrhea (no period) for 12 months. I tried everything from gaining weight, reducing exercise, increasing sleep, stress reduction and relaxation but nothing was bringing my period back… Worried about my future ability to conceive and fertility I heard acupuncture could be effective so I went to see Chen-Hui. After just 2 sessions with her and taking the Chinese herbal medicine she prescribed my period returned!! Amazing!! I also experienced much improved sleep quality and energy levels. Thank you Chen-Hui for not only providing me with the result I was after from so few sessions but also for being so professional, kind, caring and putting me at ease throughout the whole process. I am so impressed! "       Johanna


Hay fever

"I have had terrible hayfever for over 20 years now and had got to the point where my high dosage prescription medication wasn’t working any more. I struggled to sleep, I got headaches, a cramping diaphragm due to sneezing violently and constantly blowing my nose to the point where it gets so sore, tender and dry. I tried to avoid going outside unless it was really essential and having any windows or doors open.

I have tried nasal sprays, eye drops and tablets. None of which were able to keep the symptoms at bay so after some research I decided to give acupuncture a try. As I was laying there waiting for the needles to go in and I was thinking will this even work? Am I going to be in a lot of pain? How can this even make a difference to my condition?When the needles went in I felt a small prick but I was shocked by how little I felt it happening. Chen-Hui is really friendly and kept talking to me throughout the treatment.

I have had 5 treatments so far and I can really feel the difference. I can sleep better, I can breath easier again and I feel that I can now enjoy the outside. I have gone from taking over 300mg of antihistamines per day to not taking any in the space of 1 month which is more than I could have hoped for. Chen-Hui really knows what she is doing and I can’t believe the improvement and results I have had."       Lisa


Chronic fatigue and headaches

"For many years I struggled with periods of extreme fatigue, where every day I would drag myself through the morning, feel almost normal again after lunch, and then be completely exhausted again by 4-5pm. Tired of getting nowhere with my GP, I found Chen-Hui's website and made an appointment. Within a few treatments, I realised how much better I felt after discussing my symptoms with Chen-Hui and comparing them to how I'd felt when I first came to see her. Not only had my energy improved, but also my persistent headaches were gone, and my periods and sleep were both better than ever. Since then, she has also helped me with sciatica pain, carpal tunnel, and knee pain from running.

Chen-Hui is an extremely knowledgeable, competent, and empathetic practitioner and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, nor would I go anywhere else."        Catherine


Lower Back Pain

"I had suffered from worsening back pain for over a year(13/08/2016). Continual Dr’s visits and more prescribed painkillers were having little effect. I have tried sport massage and chiropractic therapy for few months--still no improvement. In May 2017 acupuncture came to mind.  After reading many reviews I found Chen,  I felt confident that she would understand my problem. Chen''s friendly manner put me at ease, and she explained every detail of treatment. I improved with every session – I’m so glad I made that phone call.

Close to one year after I have had initial back problem and only 3 months of fortnightly visits of Chen’s acupuncture I am close to being 100%; I am still using Chen and I will continue to use Chen for as long as I need too. This is not a made up false/fake testimony, when you use Chen please ask her for my details I’ll happily talk to you."        Manoj


M.E. (Chronic Fatigue)

" Having suffered with M.E for over 10 years, I was still having bad days, of feeling extremely tired and emotinal. Having been to acupuncture with Chenhui I no longer suffer with bad M.E days. The extreme tiredness and emotion days have gone. I would strongly recommend Chen-Hui for friendly professional acupuncture. It has changed my life. "        Victoria



“ I suffered from severe eczema as a child, however my skin cleared up once I hit puberty. Unfortunately, my eczema resurfaced on my face and neck last year due to work related stress. My face and neck were constantly sore, red and swollen and for about 2 months I was taking the maximum dose of pain killers until eventually I had to take time off work because I was in so much pain. 

My doctor gave me steroid tablets to take, and although they did work, as soon as I finished the course, the eczema came back as bad as it was before. I also ended up having some mild acne from those tablets, which I hadn’t had since I was 14 years old! He also advised me to take an antihisthemine daily and to use steroid cream on the affected areas. For him it was about managing the eczema as opposed to trying to eliminate altogether. None of this improved my skin or gave me any pain relief.

In the end, a friend recommended Chen-Hui for which I am truly grateful. I have been seeing her for a few months now and have weekly acupuncture treatment (this includes laser acupuncture as well as traditional acupuncture) and I also take some Chinese herbal medicine. The acupuncture has really helped my immune system, as my body is now able to recover quicker from flare ups and it has also improved my sleeping patterns. I now sleep much better and have more energy to carry out my day to day activities.

Chen-Hui has monitored my progress throughout my treatment and changed the Chinese herbal remedies regularly in order to tackle different aspects that were affecting my skin. Within a month of taking the herbal medicine, the swelling in my face and neck was completely gone and within another month my skin was much smoother and clearer!

I would definitely recommend Chen-Hui, as she genuinely wants her patients to get better. She is a very friendly and compassionate woman, who constantly reflects upon her own practice in order to improve the health of her patients. Seeing Chen-Hui has really changed my quality of life and I can’t thank her enough!”        Jessica


Sinus & chest infection

“ I was suffering from sinus problems for nearly a year. Every time I get a sinus infection and a chest infection I go to the doctor and they prescribe me antibiotics. Since December I have had four courses of antibiotics for both my sinus and chest. I feel better for a few weeks then I'm back to square one again. I thought to myself this no good I can't keep having antibiotics. So I started searching the net for acupuncture treatment and I came across Chen-Hui. I rang Chen-Hui and got an appointment. Once I explained the Chen-Hui what the problem was she started my treatment. I only had three treatments and I felt better. I can now breath, my nose bleeds have stopped and the constant pain and discomfort I felt every day has disappeared completely. No more coughing. The herbal powder worked wonders too. 

I am now full of energy. Not only my sinus is cured but my migraine has also been cured. No more headaches. This took only three treatments. I'am very pleased with the treatment and my speedy recovery I truly recommend Chen-Hui. Thank you very much for helping me get better. “       Heena 

Hay fever

" As a long-term hay fever sufferer, I had decided not to take conventional medicine during my pregnancy as the advice about the safety of antihistamines was contradictory. I tried other alternative methods (homeopathic nasal spray and infra red light device) but on high pollen days they barely touched my symptoms and the final straw came after two weeks of not sleeping. I was so relieved when I discovered that acupuncture could help my hay fever and Chen-hui came highly recommended by a friend. During the high pollen season, I saw Chen-hui twice a week to help relieve my symptoms which had, by then, become unbearable. I was amazed at how quickly the acupuncture alleviated my symptoms. Not only was I sleeping better but I felt so much better in myself and could actually function at work too. Chen-hui is a highly effective practitioner; after just 7 sessions my hay fever has disappeared. I really look forward to seeing Chen-hui as her sessions are very relaxing and highly therapeutic. I will be continuing to see Chen-hui throughout my pregnancy as acupuncture not only helps overall well being, but also with labour too. I cannot recommend Chen-hui highly enough; she is very kind and takes a holistic approach to her work, generously using additional points that help with other problem areas too. "        Marie


Repetitive Strain Injury

For over twenty years I suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which caused me constant, excruciating pain, flaring up even more when I tried to carry anything heavier than a couple of tins of soup, or spend more than a few minutes typing on the computer.  I tried a range of potential cures, from physiotherapy to massage, but nothing had a significant result - until I started a course of treatment with Chen-Hui.  By the use of two approaches, Scrapping and Acupunture, over time she greatly reduced the terrible aching from my shoulder to my wrist that I'd thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. The idea of having needles inserted into my body certainly didn't appeal to me, but I found that in Chen-Hui's skilful hands, all I felt was a tiny pin-prick - if that - compared to having a dentist's or doctor's injection. 
There were additional, unexpected benefits, too; my sleeping  improved, with fewer waking periods during the night, and my energy levels rose significantly.  Now I only need occasional treatment when I have spent an excessively long time at the computer, (several hours at a stretch).
Chen-Hui ensures that the session takes place in a comfortable but professional setting with her client's needs being given her entire attention. When she seeks to diagnose and treat a problem, she considers you as a whole person and applies her expertise with sensitivity, skill, warmth and compassion.  

I feel very fortunate to have found such an accomplished and dedicated practitioner and am completely confident in recommending her to anyone who has suffered from pain as I did.  You will be in very good, healing hands.             Cherry


Arthritis and Depression

I am very fortunate to have found such a caring and kind acupuncturist such as Chen.  Her treatment of acupuncture has helped me feel less stressed, be able to sleep at night and bring relief to my arthritic aches and pains.  Her words of wisdom and encouragement have also helped me when at times I needed a sympathetic ear.  I would, and have, recommended Chen as a professional and effective acupuncturist and a  wonderful person!      Val



I suffered with migraines for at least 10 years, they are hereditary in my family as my grandparents, mother, sister and also my aunt and uncle all suffer from them. They became so severe that for 3 years I would have at least one a week. I had a positive response to the acupuncture very quickly and not only has the treatment cured my migraines for the last 5 years, it also gives me an energy boost when I'm feeling tired and helps me to relax when I'm feeling stressed.   Hannah


Irregular and very heavy period

" Before acupuncture I was having irregular and very heavy period cycles. The hospital scans showed no problems and the doctors just wanted to put me on the pill. Having had acupuncture from Chen-Hui my cycle has now regulated. For anyone with a similar or different problem I highly recommend this treatment, as Chen-Hui is gentle and very approachable. She gives you her full attention and cares about making you better as quickly as possible. "     Nicola


Anxiety and Panic Attack

" I had terrible anxiety, panic attacks, couldn't sleep. Couldn't eat, an overwhelming sadness and emptiness. I stopped working and socialising. I'd lost my love for life and even the will to live. A friend mentioned acupuncture, I made an appointment a.s.a.p. I was desperate. I wanted a miracle. The acupuncture started, I felt very little, but my state of mind was at its worst. I explained how I felt and the reassurance from Chen-Hui--'it will work and I will get better' was a huge comfort. I came out reassured but wanted to feel instantly better—never the less that night for the first time in 2 weeks I slept like a baby. Since acupuncture my sleep has been very good.
On the 3rd session I started to feel a sensation, that also when my emptiness disappeared and my happiness reappeared. At that time, I still had terrible anxiety and panic attacks anf thought I'd never work again, although completely believe I would!  After each session, I felt better, also talking to Chen-Hui and positivity lifted me. Throughout I still had ups and downs, but overall the happiness became more dominating than the unhappiness.

I am now starting going back to work, socialising and shopping again! I genuinely believe acupuncture made me better. I feel very well now, but I will continue to have acupuncture for my well-being. A big thankyou to Chen-Hui! I always be grateful for your help! "      Anthea


Sciatica, insomnia and chronic headaches

" I started going to Chen-Hui in Jan 13 with bad sciatica, it was very painful. I've been going once, sometimes twice a week and it's now a lot lot better. Chen-Hui has been also dealing with my headaches and my not sleeping and they are a lot better. Chen-Hui is a very kind, gentle and friendly lady and I enjoy going.  Thank you! Chen-Hui. "        Joan



" Following recommendation by a friend whose treatment for sciatica using acupuncture was indeed very successful, I would like to express my thanks for my recent treatment for the same problem, which was the most excruciating pain I have experienced, after the first session with you I felt relief, I had just three more visits and the pain had completely gone. I would like to express my grateful thanks not only for the outcome but also the very professional and friendly way in which you helped me.  Thank you very much indeed, I would have no hesitation in recommending you.       Alan